I thought I would write to describe a most disturbing development, and its fortunate resolve. Yesterday morning I went to the rabbitry to do morning chores, only to find my favorite doe, Minnie, (12 days post-partum w her first litter of 9), off feed, and very lethargic. I immediately fostered her babies to an experienced doe w only 3 kits (Violet). Violet knew just what to do w the kits and my sweet husband proceeded to the vet. We decided that because I was waiting for lactating feed in the mail, and using pregnancy feed instead, Minnie was hypo calcemic (very low on calcium). The two week period is just when lactating does need the extra calcium the most, especially with good size litters. The vet gave her a shot of Calcium/Calphosan, 1 cc Reglan (for gut motility), and sent us home w instruction to continue oral Calcium and oral Reglan. We were also given Critical care by Oxbow in case she refused to eat. By the evening, she was back on feed and looking much better! This morning I gave her half her babies back, and she looked relieved. Lesson learned: NEVER RUN OUT OF LACTATING FEED and perhaps supplement around two weeks with some kale and oatstraw. Thank you to Dr. Scott MacLachlan for saving Minnie!!!!
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